Early Surgery

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  • Barber Surgeons
    • Carried out surgery in towns because they had knives
    • Did amputations and pulled out teeth, as well as cutting hair
    • Pulled out teeth with pliers
    • People believed worms caused tooth ache as they gnawed at your jaw
      • Barber surgeons heated up a metal needle and stuck it in you jaw to try and kill the worm
        • This stopped pain (which they thought was because they had killed the worm) because it killed the nerve
    • Let blood if you had a fever
    • If you had gangrene, he would amputate your limb
      • It would have been excruciatingly painful as there were no anaesthetics
        • You might have taken a potion from a local apothecary
      • The barber surgeon may knock you out so you wouldn't feel the pain
        • This however was risky for him as he might have killed you, in which case you couldn't pay him
    • When he had amputated your leg, he would put a burning iron against it to stop the bleeding
      • This also happened to kill germs
      • This was called cauterising


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