WC + the abdication. Britain 1930-1997

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  • WC's view on the abdication of Edward VIII?
    • Background
      • George V = respectable lifestyle + supporter of WW1 war effort.
      • Edward = mistress/visits to Paris etc
      • George = broadcast to nation by aloof and reserve. Appealed to middle-class UK
      • Edward= neurotic, unstable, preferred older women and parties.
      • Edward made occasional thoughtless comments about politics
      • Edward attached to Wallis Simpson
    • What happened?
      • After becoming king + her second divorce, determined to marry
      • As King had to uphold values of church
      • PM = people wouldn't accept Wallis as Queen
      • Edward proposed morganatic marriage, making her consort not Queen
      • Parliament did not give approval and if he married anyway, would resign
      • Edward abdicated instead.
    • WC + the abdication
      • Member of King's Friends
      • Supported monarch out of personal loyalty
      • Parliament did not agree with this, putting Wc in minority, again.
      • Made speech in HOC supporting King but was shouted down
      • WC seemed rooted in past- EVII had had many mistresses etc. Now unacceptable


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