How a chef can make food look appetising

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  • How a Chef can make food look appetising
    • texture - crispy, soft, smooth, crunchy
    • colour - use of coloured serving dishes/plates. cream, white, green and brown are 'dead' colours that need lifting
    • dramatic shapes of serving dishes/plates. Interesting food shapes
    • amount of food on plate - not overcrowded, messy or covered in gravy etc.
    • temperature of food - hot food should be piping hot, cold food cold
    • consistency - how thin or thick, lump-free sauces
    • savoury food served on oval plates or dishes
    • use of doilies or dish papers if appropriate
    • portion size - rich food served in smaller quantities
    • use of garnishes - give examples
    • use of decorations - give examples
    • accompaniments - the addition of colourful vegetables and garnishes
    • adding sauces, coulis etc
    • food stacking - e.g. potato slices, lamb cutlets


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