Ways of improving the UK's democracy

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  • Ways of improving the UK's democracy
    • Lowering the voting age
      • For
        • Irrational cut-off age
        • Youth interests ingored
        • Responsibilities without rights
      • Against
        • Undermining turnout
        • Preserving 'childhood'
        • Immature voters
    • Compulsory voting
      • For
        • Improve voter turnout
          • Gives decisions greater legitimacy
      • Against
        • Difficult to enforce
        • Uninformed
        • Breach of rights
    • Digital democracy
      • For
        • Ease of organisation
        • Access to information
        • Easier participation
          • Likely to improve voter turnout
      • Against
        • Electoral malpractice easier
        • 'Virtual' democracy
        • Digital divide
    • Increase the use of referendums
      • For
        • Increase political awareness
        • Purer form of democracy
        • Improve political education
        • Increase political participation
      • Against
        • Voter fatigue
        • Too many complex issues
        • Tyranny of the majority
        • Voters might be influenced by emotional, irrational appeals
        • Loss of respect for representative institutions




So great and easy to revise from!

Old Sir


A useful presentation which will help any student looking for a straightforward outline of possible actions. In order to address assessment objective 2, (analysis and evaluation) however, students will need to be able to show examples of some of these measures in action and critically appraise them.



My politics teacher has told us there is a clear distinction between improving democracy and increasing participation. All of the points except increase in use of referenda would count as increasing participation and not improving democracy...???

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