Ways of Working

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  • Ways of Working
    • Employment can be full-time or part-time
      • Full-Time
        • 30-40 hours per week
        • Likely to have one job if full-time
          • Businesses have more control over work hours
      • Part-Time
        • Work between 10-30 hours per week
          • People work "less than a full working week"
        • More financial sense
          • Work when a business is busy or fill in when other staff are absent (ill/holiday)
    • Flexible Hours
      • Employees who have been with a firm for 26 weeks can request flexibility
        • Working hours and patterns adapted to suit employee
          • E.g. a full-time employee may be allowed to work their 37 hours over 4 days instead of 5
          • Motivates employees and make it easier to fit in commitments around working life
      • Some employees have zero hour contracts
        • Employer doesn't have to offer employee any work and employee doesn't have to accept any work offerered
        • These contracts used in business where lots of fluctuation in demand
          • E.g. Hotels
        • Cheap form of labour and money isn't wasted on paying staff
          • Don't need to pay for sick or holiday pay or when employee not there
    • Contracts
      • Permanent
        • Contract has no end date
        • Person stays at form unless they:
          • Leave
          • Are fired
          • Job made redundant
      • Temporary
        • Fixed period
          • At end of period, contact can be renewed or person can leave
      • Freelance
        • Self employed person recruited by company usually to work on a specific project
        • Freelancers can usually be hired or dismissed at short notice
      • Temporary and freelance make it easier to employ people with particulatrskills for a particular time - easier to adjust number of staff with needs of business
    • Technology and the impact
      • Much more efficient
      • Easier to communicate
      • People can work from different places


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