Waves P1

Keys of Transverse, longitudinal, Em Waves. Waves 

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  • Waves
    • Transvers
      • one wavelength
      • crest and trough
      • Amplitude
      • vibrations are perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer
    • Longitudinal
      • One wavelength is from compression to other compression
      • rarefaction
      • compression
      • Vibrations are parallel to directions of energy transfer
    • EM, Electromagnetic Waves
      • Radio Waves, Microwaves, infrared, visible light, Ultra Violet,  x-rays, gamma rays
      • shorter the wavelength = higher the frequency
      • Decreasing wavelenght, increasing frequency, waves transfer more energy
        • shorter the wavelength = higher the frequency
      • EM Spectrum
    • waves transfer energy
    • reflected
    • refracted (light changing direction)
    • Diffracted (spread out)
    • wave speed (m/s) = Frequency Hz x Wavelength M
    • angle of incidence = angler of reflection
    • travel at the same speed in a vacuum - empty space





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