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  • waves
    • definitions
      • wave speed = frequency x wave length
      • wave length = distance between one peek to the next
      • frequency = how many complete waves in a secon
      • amplitude is the height of the wave
      • period is the time it takes for one complete wave to pass a point
    • types of wave
      • transverse waves = the vibrations are 90* to the direction energy is transferred by the wave
        • light
        • slinky spring wiggled up and down
        • ripples in water
      • longitudinal waves = the vibrations are along the same direction as the wave transfers energy
        • slinky when you push one end
        • sound and ultrasound
        • shock waves
    • waves transfer energy and information without transferring matter
    • frequency = 1 time period or f=1T
    • use the above relationships in different contexts including sound waves and electromagnetic waves
    • waves are diffracted when they pass an edge and through a gap but this depends on wavelength and pysical dimension of the gap


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