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  • Waves
    • Longitudinal Wave
      • Displacement of the medium is parallel to the propagation of the wave
      • Sound waves in air are longnitudal
      • Made up of compressions and rarefactions
        • Compressions are  particles are closest together and have the maximum density
        • Rarefactions are where the particles are furthest apart and where it has the least density
    • Transverse Wave
      • A wave that oscillates perpendicular to the direction of energy
      • An example is Visible Light
    • Stationary Waves
      • Condiitons
        • Equal Frequency
        • Nearly Same Amplitude
        • Opposite directions
        • Same Speed
      • Made up of nodes and antinodes
        • Nodes are the points of no displacement
        • Anitnodes are the points of maximum displacement
      • formed when perfectly timed interference of two waves pass through at the same medium


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