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  • waves
    • transverse waves
      • the oscillations are perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer
      • microwaves
      • light waves
      • water waves
      • electromagnetic waves
      • infrared waves
      • radio waves
      • Mexican waves haha
      • ultraviolet waves
      • X-rays
      • gamma waves
    • longitudinal waves
      • the oscillations are parallel to the direction of energy transfer
      • sound waves
      • seismic waves
    • compressions
      • a compression is a region where particles of a medium are close together
    • rarefactions
      • a rarefaction is a reign where particles of the medium are spaced apart
    • waves transfer ENERGY from one place to another NOT matter
      • this means that energy can be transferred even without matter
    • wavelength
      • distance from peak to peak or trough to trough of a wavelength
      • measured in metres (m)
    • frequency
      • frequency is the number of wave cycles that pass a point per second
        • it is measured in hertz
        • can be calculates using the equation:       frequency (hZ) = 1/time period (s)
    • the electromagn-etic spectrum
      • the electromagn-etic spectrum is the family of all different types of light. They are all transverse waves.
        • the waves differ because they have different wavelengths and frequencies.
          • however, they are all similar because they can all travel through a vacuum and they all travel at the same speed in the vacuum - the speed of light
      • radio waves     microwaves     infra-red     visible light   ultra violet    x-rays       gamma rays
        • [R]emember   [M]y             [I]nstructions [V]isible         [U]nder                           [X]ray             [G]lasses
        • low frequency + high wavelength
        • high frequency + low wavelength


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