Wave Properties 2

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  • Wave Properties 2
    • Principle of superposition
      • When 2 waves meet, total displacement at a point is equal to sum of individual displacements at that point.
      • Crest meets crest, super crest created.- 2 waves reinforce each other.
        • Trough meets trough, supertrough created- 2 waves reinforce each other.
          • Crest meets trough of same amplitude- cancel out- 0 resultant displacement. Not same amplitude - resultant- minimum.
    • Examples
      • Stationary waves on rope
        • 2 people send waves from either end, 2 sets of waves - -progressive waves. Combine at fixed points along rope- nodes - no displacement. At node, 180 degrees out of phase, cancel out.
      • Water waves in a ripple tank
        • Vibrating dipper on water surface sends circular waves. Cancelling points - crest from 1 dipper meets trough from other.- gaps in wavefronts.
        • Points of reinforcement- crest/trough from one dipper meets crest/trough from other
        • Constant phase frequency at constant phase difference, cancel and reinforce at fixed positions- Interference. Coherent sources.
          • Phase difference changed at random, points of cancel and reinforce- move at random, no interference seen.
    • Tests for Microwaves
      • 1. Place receiver in path of microwae beam from transmitter. Move away from transmitter and note receiver signal decreases with distance. Microwaves weaker travel away from transmitter.
      • 2. Place metal plate between transmitter and receiver- can't pass through metal.
      • Transmitter produces microwaves of 3cm wavelength. Receiver connected to meter, measure of intensity of microwaves at receiver.
      • 3. 2 Metal plates - make narrow slit - receiver detects waves diffracted as pass through slit. Wider - less diffraction.
      • 4. Narrow metal plate with 2 plates from step 3. - make pair of slits. Direct transmitter at slits and use receiver to find points of cancellation and reinforcement where microwaves from 2 slits overlap.


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