Watson and Raynor, study of classical conditioning

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  • Watson & Rayner
    • Aim
      • To see if its possible to induce fear of a previously unfeared object, through classical conditioning.
    • Method
      • Case study
    • Subject
      • Little  Albert was 11 months old. His mother was a nurse so  he grew up in a hospital environment.
    • Procedure
      • Session 1: when Albert was presented with a rat, the steel bar was struck. This was repeated
      • Session 2: week later, just  show the rat , and introduced the rat 3 times with the loud noise.
      • session 3: to see if fear was transferred, Albert was brought back 5 days later. and presented with some toy blocks to play with, which seemed to calm him.
      • session 4: 5 days later the Albert was shown rat, fear was there but weaker, so they conditioned him again.
      • Session 5: one month later, albert was tested with various stimuli, he continued to show fear of the rat.
    • Conclusion
      • it is possible to condition fear.
      • Time had not removed fear response.
      • we do not know if Alberts fear of small fury animals lasted.


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