Watson & Rayner

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  • 8 Months: Presented with stimuli he didn't fear. A steel bar was hit with a hammer above his head to test for fear reaction.
  • 4: Conditioned again as fear response was weak also done with dog and rabbit. Taken to a lecture theatre to to see if response was the same.
  • Watson & Rayner: Little Albert
    • Procedures
    • Findings
    • Evaluation
    • Aim: To see if it is possible to create a phobia in a child using classical conditioning.
    • Conclusions
  • 3: 5 days later he was presented with similar stimuli to see if fear was generalised. Also given a NS, building blocks
  • 1: At 11 months he was presented with a white rat. As he reached for it the steel bar was hit.
  • 2: Immediately cried when he saw the rat with no noise and quickly crawled away.
  • 5: Showed varying degrees of fear to all stimuli.
  • Fear response would be learnt quicker if noise was louder/ more intense.
  • EI: Causes harm as baby is clearly distressed


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