Water Properties F212 OCR

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  • Waters Properties
    • Solvent: Metabolic processes rely on chemicals reacting together in a solution. eg, 70-90% of cytoplasm is water, contains lots of chemicals where resp. & Photo. takes place.
    • Liquid: It's important to have a liquid transport medium for the movement of materials around organisms. eg, Blood in animals.
    • Cohesion: Water molecules stick together to form surface tension, makes long thin columns hard to break. eg, Xylem
    • Freezing: Ice floats, the water beneath the ice becomes insulated and doesn't freeze as easily. eg, lakes.
    • Thermal Stability: Large bodies of water have constant temperatures also evaporation can cool surfaces by removing heat. eg, Ocean is stable in terms of temp. & land based organisms use evaporation regularly.
    • Metabolic: Water takes part as a reactant in some chemical processes. eg, Water molecules take part in Hydrolysis and in the process of Photo.


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