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  • Watergate
    • In 1972 CREEP hoped to gain an electoral advantage for Nixon through gaining democratic party secrets
      • CREEP organised two break-ins into Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate building in order to install surveillance devices
        • The first of the burglars was apprehended on the 17th June 1972 and arrested
    • Nixon: "I think the country does not give much of a **** when somebody bugs somebody else"
      • He claimed the Republicans had been bugged by the Democrats multiple times but they had never been caught
      • However, he also tried to move on quickly and cover up the break in
    • Within days of the discovery of the second break in Nixon and his aides discussed using the CIA to stop the FBI investigation CREEPs financing of the break in
      • This was a clear attempt to obstruct justice. When it failed the President tried to buy the burglars silence, a further obstruction of justice
      • When the Senate began a public investigation, opinion shifted against Nixon- his approval rating fell to just 17% and Agnew was force to resign
    • Like previous president, Nixon recorded many of the conversations he had in the White House; in July 1974 the Supreme Court ordered he released them. It was revealed that he had order a cover up. The House of Representatives moved to impeach him.
      • He was impeaches on 2 charges:Obstruction of Justice and abuse of power (trying to use the FBI to stop investigations)
      • To avoid impeachment Nixon resigned in August 1974 and was replaced by Ford.
      • 25 of Ford's aides were arrested. Ford was later pardoned by Nixon.


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