Waterfall scene

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  • Waterfall Scene (chapter 16,17,18)
    • Themes
      • Love & Friendship
        • Development of the relationship between Luo and LCS
          • "opportunity to admire her sensual body"
        • Luo educates LCS through books
        • Luo reveals LCS hidden talents
          • "like the tail of a dolphin"
          • Luo told me I'd make a good actress"
      • Power of Literature
        • Educating LCS
          • Development foreshadows her departure
    • Devices
      • The 3 different POVs
        • Old Miller
          • "both as naked as worms"
        • LCS
          • "I just love pleasing Luo"
        • Luo
          • "Her tiny figure is like a fruit growing at the top of a tree."
      • Imagery
        • "the pool was strangely still, almost sinister"
      • Choice of Diction
        • "instantaneous"
      • Metaphor
        • "She had become a swallow"
      • Simile
        • "arms outstretched like the wings of a swallow sailing on the breeze"
      • Symbolism
        • The keys
          • Hope of Luo's freedom from re-education
        • snake
          • foreshadows something bad
        • Tortoise
          • Luo trapped and captured in re-education camp
    • Setting
      • The waterfall
        • A special place they shared their love
        • Key scene showing process of developing LCS
    • Characters
      • Luo
        • admiration and love towards the LCS
          • "the grace of her sinuous body"
        • Not brave at everything
          • "I have never dared to do it - I have a horror of heights"
      • LCS
        • Discovering her talent in swimming/diving
          • "She has the physique of a true swimmer"
            • Slowly surpassing Luo's abilites
        • Love towards Luo
          • "I just love pleasing Luo"
        • Brave and strong character
          • "great leap into space"
          • "I plunged in again"


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