Water treatment

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  • Water treatment
    • Drinking water should not contain any harmful substances and should contain sufficiently low levels of dissolved salts and microbes.
    • Water from an appropriate source can be treated to make it safe to drink. Water is often treated by sedimentation and filtration to remove solids. This is followed a disinfection to kill microbes in the water. Chlorine is often used to kill the microbes in drinking water.
    • Water filters can be used to improve the taste of water. They often contain carbon and an ion-exchange resin that remove some soluble substances and silver or other substances to prevent the growth of bacteria.
    • Pure water can be made by distillation. This requires a large amount of energy to boil the water and so it would very expensive on do on a large scale.
      • Drinking water does not have to be pure. It just should contain anything harmful


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