Water Potential and Osmosis Controlled Assessment

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  • Water Potential and Osmosis Controlled Assessment
    • Definition
      • Osmosis is the net movement of water molecules from a region of higher water potential to an region of lower water potential across a partially permeable membrane
      • Solute = what's dissolved
      • Solvent = The medium that it's dissolved
        • Solution = Solute + Solution
          • Solute = what's dissolved
    • Possible Experimental errors
      • Problem with weighing
      • Problem with blotting
      • Overfilling water sausage so that no more water can enter.
      • Putting the solution in the wrong place
      • Splitting the water sausage
    • Remember to:
      • Compare the sets of results to each other
      • Use comparative units and figures from table/graph
      • Identify anomalous results (even small ones!)
      • Take more results to identify what is happening between points
    • Water potential
      • Factors that affect rate of diffusion
        • Temerature
        • Surface Area
        • Concentration Gradient
        • Molecule Size (smaller diffuse faster)
        • Presence of moisture
      • ?
        • The likelihood /potential of water molecules to diffuse out of a solution
        • Water moves from a region of high water potential to an region of low water potential
          • Higher water potential is closer to zero
            • Pure water has a water potential of Zero
        • Higher solute potential = lower water potential
    • Concentrations
      • In a less concentrated solution, water will enter the cell by osmosis
        • Hyper tonic solution
      • In a more concentrated solution water will leave the cell my osmosis
        • Hypo tonic solution


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