Water Pollution and Eutrophication

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  • Water Pollution and Eutrophication
    • Water pollution can have a harmful effect on our rivers, lakes and seas
      • raw sewage and fertiliser both contain organic materials such as nitrates
        • nitrates are needed to form amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins
          • in turn, proteins are needed for growth in organisms
      • run-off of fertiliser or disposal of raw sewage into waterways results in eutrophication
        • this leads to death of aquatic life
    • eutrophicationcan be reduced by:
      • better control of fertiliser use - not on land close to water ways
      • increasing environmentalawareness of farmers
      • more secure storage of farmyard manure and slurry
  • addition of nutrients to water from sewage + fertiliser run-off
    • leads to increased growth of aquatic plants
      • when the plants die they are decomposed by bacteria
        • the bacteria use up oxygen in the water
          • fish and other animals die without oxygen
            • Summary of Eutrophication


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