Water Pollution and Deforestation

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  • Water Pollution and Deforestation
    • Eutrophication
      • Fertilisers enter the water adding extra nutrients
      • Extra nutrients cause algae to grow fast and block out sunlight
      • Plants cannot photosynthesise and die
      • Microorganisms feed on the dead - use up all the oxygen
      • Organisms need oxygen - die
    • Leaching
      • Trees take up nutrients from the soil before they can be washed away - return them when leaves die
      • Trees are removed - nutrients do not get replaced; infertile soil
    • Disturbing the Water Cycle
      • Trees stop rain water reaching rivers too quickly
      • Cut down - rain water goes straight into the river
      • Transpiration releases rainwater back into the air
      • Cut down - make the local area drier
    • Soil Erosion
      • Tree roots hold soil together
      • Cut down - soil can be washed away = infertile
    • Disturbing the balance of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen
      • CO2 is released slowly into the atmosphere
      • Cut down - released all at once
      • Cut down - less photosynthesis and less oxygen


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