water on the land

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  • water on the land
    • managing
      • hard engineering
        • dams and resevoirs
          • dams (huge walls) are built across the rivers, usually in the upper course.
            • a reservoir (artificial lake) is formed behind the dam.
          • this helps as reservoir store water especially in prolonged rainfall
        • channel straightening
          • the river's course is straightened-meanders are cut out by building artificial straight channels
          • this helps by making the rivers flow faster to the seas
      • soft engineering
        • flood warnings
          • the environment agency warns people about possible through TV, radio, newspapers and the internet
        • preparation
          • buildings are modified to reduce the amount of damage a food could cause
            • people make plans for what they do in a flood
        • flood plain zoning
          • restrictions prevent building on parts of a floodplain
        • 'do nothing'
          • no money is spent on new engineering methods or maintaining existing ones.
    • flooding case studies
      • bangladesh
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      • somerset levels
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