Water issues

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  • Water issues
    • When water is treated, there are advantages and disadvantages. Theses must be carefully considered before any decision to treat water is taken. This is particularly important for the treatment of public water supplies.
    • The hardness of water supplied depends on where you live. Hard water causes problems in heating systems and with washing, but if used for drinking has health benefits. If the water is not suitable for a particular purpose you can treat it or use an alternative supply.
    • Chlorine is particularly effective in killing microbes in water so it's safe to use. However, chlorine is poisonous, and it can produce other toxic compounds. Therefore its use must be carefully controlled to minimise risks.
    • Fluoride compounds are added to toothpastes and water supplies to help prevent tooth decay. The arguments for and against adding fluorides to water supplies are complicated. One of the arguments against it is that people should be able to choose to take extra fluoride or not.


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