Water flow through plants

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  • Water flow through plants
    • PHLOEM
      • Transports food
      • Transports sugars made in leaves
        • To growing regions (new shoots) needed to make new plant cells
        • To storage organs (root tubes) of plant needed to provide energy store for winter
      • Living tissue
    • XYLEM
      • Takes water up
      • Moving water and mineral ions
      • Carries from roots to stem and leaves
      • Made of dead cells
    • Why is transport important?
      • All cells need sugar for respiration - provide materials for growth
      • Mineral ions needed for production of proteins and other molecules within cells
      • Water
        • Photosynthesis, CO2 +H2O = sugar
        • Needed to hold plant upright
        • When cell has lot of water inside vacuole presses cytoplasm against cell wall
          • Pressure gives support for young plants and structure of leaves


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