Water on The Land

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  • Meanders
    • 2. So more erosion takes place on the outside of the bend, forming river cliffs
    • In their middle and lower courses, rivers develop large bends called meanders
    • 1. The current is faster on the outside of the bend because the river channel is deeper
    • They are formed by erosion and deposition
    • 3. The current is slower on the inside of the bend because the river channel is shallower
    • 4. So eroded material is deposited on the inside of the bend, forming slip-off slopes
    • Water twists and turns around stones and other obstructions resulting in areas of slower and faster water movement.
      • Slower areas are found in deeper parts of the river filled with fine sediments and are called pools.
        • Faster areas are found in shallower parts of the river around larger stones and are called riffles.
  • MEDC Tewkesbury
    • On the 20th July 2007 very heavy downpours hit the UK
    • In Tewkesbury, 850 families were still living in caravans at Christmas in 2008
    • 420 roads were damaged across the county
    • There was an increase in crime as people’s abandoned homes were robbed and looted
    • 53 schools across the county were damaged
    • Many animals died and their corpses were washed up on the beach further downstream
    • There were no flood defences in place
    • 10,000 people were stranded in their cars on the M5
    • Rainwater ran off the hills and straight into the river channels
    • 34 new flood defences were built by 2008, providing protection to 30,000 homes
    • As the ground was saturated, very little water infiltrated into the ground
    • 80% of properties were affected across the county
    • The summer of 2007 was the wettest
    • 25,000 sandbags were quickly distributed and 200 tonnes of sand used across the county to reduce the flooding
    • Electricity was lost to 48,000 homes across Gloucestershire for 2 days
    • The county has set up a free flood-warning scheme and at least 73,000 people have signed up
    • A temporary satellite doctor’s surgery was in place in Tewkesbury for one week
    • RAF Rescue helicopters scrambled to rescue people from roof tops and 529 people were rescued by boat services
    • Environment agency now holds flood prevention classes in the area for possible future floods


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