Water management (Case Studies)

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  • Water management
    • Lesotho Highland Water project
      • Lesotho, highland country, has high poverty & surrounded by South Africa
      • Huge water transfer scheme 40% of Segu River from surplus Lesotho to deficit South Africa
      • South Africa
        • Adv: -Safe water to 10% pop. without access -Fresh water reduces water pollution from mining
        • Dis: -cost $4Bn -40% lost leakage -Increased tarffis = Poor can't afford
      • Lesotho
        • Dis: 30,000 people moved & unique wetland destroyed -corruption reduced money
        • Adv: -75% GDP & increase development -Provide HEP -Supply 90% of Maseru -Increase sanitation by 5%
    • Wakel River Basin
      • Rajasthan in NW  driest part of India
      • over abstraction + unregulated pumps = Water table drop
      • NGO - Global Water for Sustainability Program help to improve water security
      • Raise awareness with community to increase conservation
      • Increasing water supply
        • Taankas - Underground storage 3-4m deep collect water from roof
        • Johed - Small earth dams to capture rainwater raise table by 6m
        • Pat - a Bund made of stones and leaves diverts water towards fields for regular irrigation


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