Water- C3.2

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  • Water
    • Limescale- Caused by heating temporary hardwater
    • Scum-Reaction of Magnesium and Calcium ions with sodium stearate (soap);
    • Hydrochloric acid is a stronger acid- ionises more-producing more H+ ions
    • Water Treatment
      • Chlorine- safe to drink- kills microbes
      • Water filter:
        • carbon-ion-exchange¬containing resin and silver.
        • silver discourages growth of bacteria
        • Treatement:      1 -cage stops leaves;           2- settlement tank;              3-Aluminium sulfate and lime make particles clump so they are more easily filtered;           4- fine sand filter;              5- chlorine-kills bacteria; 6- pH corrected and checked;
    • Hardwater
      • Washing soda - sodium hydrogen carbonate
      • ion exchange column- exchanges soft ions for hard ions


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