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  • Water
    • Functions
      • Reactant
        • Involved in many chemical reactions including hydrolysis reactions.
      • Solvent
        • Some substances can dissolve in it.
      • Transports substances
      • Helps with temperature control
      • Habitat
    • Simple structure
      • A molecules is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Water is a polar molecule.
    • High specific heat capacity
    • High latent heat of evaporation
      • It takes a lot of energy to break the hydrogen bonds between water molecules,
    • Very cohesive
      • Cohesion is the attraction between molecules of the same type.
        • This helps water flow make it great for transporting substances.
    • Good solvent
      • Many substances are (ionic) are made from one positively- charged atom and one negatively- charged atom, and will attract opposite ions, Meaning they will get totally surrounded by ions.
        • Water's polarity makes it a good solvent. In humans, important ions can dissolve in the water in blood.
    • Less dense when solid
      • At low temperatures water freezes, water molecules are held apart in ice because each water molecule forms four hydrogen bonds making a lattice shape.
        • Good for living organisms because it produces an insulating layer.


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