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  • water
    • oxygen molecule covalently bonded to two hydrogens
      • oxygen has partial negative charge hydrogen's have partial positive
        • hydrogen bonds in-between mater molecules
    • polar molecule with regions of positivity and negativity
    • good solvent
      • its polarity makes it a good solvent, in which many different solutes can dissolve
        • transport medium
    • high specific heat capacity
      • can absorb large amounts of heat energy before its temp increases by a significant amount
    • high latent heat of evaporation
      • needs a lot of energy to break the hydrogen bonds in-between the water molecules to cause it to evaporate
    • high c ohesion
      • cohesive forces in which the water molecules attract eachother
    • cappilarity
      • adhesion between water and glass in a narrow tube pulls all the other water molecules up via cohesion
    • Ice
      • strong stable bonds between h2o molecules at 0 degrees,formed a rigid hexagonal lattice structure
        • large gaps between molecules held rigidly apart means that it is less dense so floats to the top of the water
    • transport medium


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