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  • Water
    • High specific heat capacity
      • Water has a high SHC because it is difficult to break the hydrogen bonds due to their strength. This means it is difficult to heat up water so it doesn't experience rapid temperature changes.
      • This is the energy required to heat 1g of a substance by 1 degree
    • High latent heat of evaporation
      • It takes a lot of energy to break the hydrogen bonds holding water molecules together.
      • It takes a lot of energy for water to evaporate - this makes it good for cooling things
    • Good solvent
      • This is because water is slightly polar so the ionic solvents are both slightly positive and slightly negative. The slightly positive ions attach to the slight negative side and vice versa. The water becomes surrounded by ions, causing it to dissolve.
    • Cohesive
      • Cohesion is the attraction of molecules of the same type.
      • Water is very cohesive as it is polar. This makes it stick together and able to flow easily, making it a good transport medium.
    • ice is less dense than water
      • Water molecules are held further apart in ice.
      • the hydrogen bonds form a lattice shape. This makes it less dense which is why it floats.
      • It is useful for living organisms because it forms an insulating layer at the top of the water and stops it freezing underneath


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