Waste Disposal-B5

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  • Waste Disposal
    • Drinking a lot of water increases the production of urine, but decreases the conc.
      • Exercise-production decreases, conc. increases
    • Pituitary gland-anti diuretic hormone (ADH) controls urea production
      • Increase permeability of kidney tubules-absorption of water
      • Negative feedback loop
    • Nephrons-filtration of urine
      • Glomerulus surrounded by a capsule-filtration unit
    • Dialysis-removes urea from the blood, diffuse through the membrane under increased pressure
      • Maintains blood sodium levels
    • CO2 is detected by carotid artery: nerve impulses increase breathing rate to remove CO2
    • Excess amino acids are broken down in the liver- form urea
      • Enters kidney by renal artery (blood containing waste)- leaves ureters as urine
        • Kidney has outer cortex and medulla
    • Useful materials are reabsorbed-water, salt, glucose
  • Useful materials are reabsorbed-water, salt, glucose


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