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  • Was R good for America in the 1930s?
    • For
      • relieved suffering of millions of relief to prevent starvation and homelessness
      • rescued the banking system and saved businesses from collapsing
      • saved democracy in America
      • raised morale and increased hope
    • Against
      • Did not get American economy out of depression and didn't beat unemployment
      • didn't do enough for certain groups e.g. the balcks
      • interfered too much in peoples lives
    • WW2 helped solve the unemployment problem
      • March 1941 Lend Lease ACt
        • Presidnet could lease or send military equipment and supplies to British and other countries on Allied side for fight against Germany
      • American entry into war in December 1941, high demand for military equipment, recruitment in armed forces and put an end to high unemployment


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