Was it Richards mistakes or the actions of his enemies that led to his downfall in 1485?

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  • Was it Richard's mistakes or the actions of his enemies which cost him the throne in 1485?
    • Richard's Mistakes
      • By delaying going to meet Tudor as soon as he landed, he allowed Henry to come to him which gave him time to build up his army and collect supporters as he went therefore his numbers increased from 1800 men to 5000
      • By allowing a rivalry to occur between the north and south inevitably allowed Tudor to gain support from the South
      • He delayed going to Tudor straight away but Rhys ap Thomas defected to Tudor instead of defending Richard.
      • By not securing Tudor at negotiations with Brittany he made the French an enemy
      • Richard charged toward Tudor on the battlefield which caused his death, he made the wrong decision and instead he should have waited. Especially as he had the larger Army of 10,000 men
    • Actions of his enemies
      • He also gained support whilst parading through England toward Richard
      • Tudor went to the French King, Charles VIII, for support and used Richard's mistake in trying to form an allegiance with Brittany as just cause for the French king to support him,
      • He had support from Philbert de chandee at a crucial and decisive stage at the battle his techniques and skill helped him and saved him from being defeated.
      • Also Tudor's mother was key in arranging his marriage to Elizabeth of York
      • Buckingham encouraged Tudor's claim to the throne
      • Tudor's mother married one of the most powerful nobles in the country- Lord Stanley
      • Sir William Stanley sent his step-son with 800 men to aid Tudor and get bailiffs to yield in Shrews-bury  He himself didn't commit but he did send 4 knights and retinues to help.
      • Tudor gained support from Edward IV supporters and the south of England Nobility
      • Tudor landed at Mill bay out of sight of Dale Castle, he used his strategic intelligence in choosing to move north away from yorkist loyalists in the south. He also took time to send messages to potential allies and moved at a moderate speed.
      • Tudor gained support from some very powerful men when travelling towards Richard. Men such as John Savage and Rhys ap Thomas


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