Was the Roman Republic a success or failure?

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  • Was the Roman Republic a success or a failure?
    • Led by Mazzini
    • Lasted only 100 days
    • Assasination of Rossi led to Pope fleeing
    • Triumvirate formed with Mazzini and Garibaldi  - reforms; abolition of of tax on corn grinding, free press, reformed taxation to help poor, no death penalty
    • urged Rome, Piedmont, Florence and Venice to work together to get rid of Austrians
    • Collapsed 100 days later, Pope asked for help, (6,000) French troops marched on Rome and Garibaldi defeated them. Two months later (20,000) French troops marched on and defeated the Italians, French Garrison remained in Rome for years.
    • Pope returned, rule was even more oppressive than before - inquisition, death penalty and public floggings


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