Was the Holocaust a result of long term planning?

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  • The Holocaust was the result of long-term planning
    • It was not a result of long-term planning as there were many failed 'final solutions' for example the Madagascar plan, the French solution and the General Government.
      • However, in all out come then end result was the same; the death of the Jews. This suggests that they planned to kill the Jews but were not sure how.
        • To condradict, records show that each 'solution' was suppose to be the last therefore they were not thought out. If the Nazis planned for the holocaust to be the final solution then they would not have wasted resources on failed attempts.
    • Another reason I argue that it was not planned is because Eichmann was encouraging Jews to emigrated between 1938-41. Therefore if they were planning to do the Holocaust they would not force/ encourage the Jews to leave Germany
      • However, in 1941 Volentary emigration was banned therefore suggesting that they had a different plan in mind possibly the holocaust which meant they need to know where the Jews where.
        • However, I still argue that it is not planned as when WW2 started, Germany started tacking land from surround countries eg France and Poland. This means that Jews that emigrated are now under German land again. This is not efficient enough to be the result of planning.
    • Finally, The Wannsee Conference Of January 1942 discusses plans of resettlement and relocation. This suggests that killing them was not the plan.
      • However, Eichmann said on stand during the Nuremburg Trials that the discussion was actually about extermination and the notes were changed to remove evidence.
        • On the otherhand, the procces of extermination had already occurred during this time period. This suggest it was not planned because it seems they are trying to make an already existing process more efficient not forward plan for more plans. The lack of original efficiency is not a result of long term planning.
  • No
    • Yes


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