Was Mary's marriage worth it?

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  • Was Mary's marriage worth it?
    • problem of succession
      • overthrow the Great Devyse
        • restored the Succession Act of 1544 - Henry VIII
    • anxious to marry
      • 37 so must be quick
      • to produce an heir to secure a Catholic succession
    • Philip of Spain
      • main adviser was Spanish ambassador, Simon Renard (Spanish subject)
        • Catholic
        • politically experienced
      • marriage treaty
        • 1. King byt no power
        • 2. no foreigners to hold English offices
        • 3. could not claim crown if Mary dies
      • his father, Charles V, gave guidance to Mary through time of unhappiness
      • xenophobia amongst English
      • parliamentary delegation attempted to dissuade Mary
        • 1554 - Parliament rejected bill that would have included Philip with Mary on a new law of treason
    • English candidate to marriage
      • Edward Courtenay, Earl of Devon
      • threat of factional rivalry as family would inevitably gain power
      • Gardiner's choice as prevented a foreign marriage?
      • lacked courtly skills - unsuitable


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