Was Kett's Rebellion a threat?

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  • Was Kett's Rebellion a threat?
    • Yes:
      • Kett's leadership
        • Kett sided with the rebels + volunteered to destroy his fences himself.
          • His position within the community = rebels prepared to listen to him + accept his leadership.
        • Kett's gained 17,000 rebels at Mousehold in 6 weeks
          • shows his charisma - able to persuade
          • even when govt army arrived, rebels stayed loyal
        • court set up at Mousehold  - show central govt that local govt could run more effectively
          • embarrassed gentry
      • Weaknesses of Somerset's govt
        • govt resources already stretched by the Western Rising
        • Somerset forced to divide forces to opposite ends of the country
        • absence  of the Duke of Norfolk (imprisoned) created a power vacuum
          • local gentry lacked leadership - distinct lack of royal authorityed
          • rebellion able to gain momentum quickly
        • August - France declares war on England
      • Organisation of rebels
        • rebels appeared peaceful + well-organised
          • local administrators responded to requests
            • suggests that local officials were staring to see Mousehold as new administrative centre for the region
              • shows how resented the traditional  gentry had become
          • e.g. churchwardens collected + sent money to Mousehold
      • 25 counties involved
    • No:
      • Kett's leadership
        • involvement in Dussindale was error
          • listened to false prophecies that he would succeed there
            • lost 3,000
          • no protection there
        • no military prowess
          • lacked tactical awareness for well-trained army under Warwick
          • Earl of Warwick cut supply lines
            • caused Kett to panic + listen to prophecies
      • Organisation of rebels
        • they didn't want to end hierarchical system
        • saw themeless as loyal subjects
          • who the ruler's attention to corruption of local individuals
        • chose to stay in their camps
          • didn't march on London like Cornish rebels
            • didn't threaten central govt
        • didn't stand chance against Warwick's troops
          • part of Warwick success was because of Kett's decisions making rebels vulnerable
      • Earl of Warwick
        • Warwick's men + 1,000 foreign mercenaries defeated rebels (27th August)


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