Influences on Nazi foreign policy

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  • Was Hitler's foreign policy influenced?
    • Third Reich/ Germany's right to power
      • Nostalgic for the greatness of Germany's past
      • Focused on success of 1st and 2nd Reich
      • This influenced Nazi foreign policy by...
        • 1) Endorsing expansionism
        • 2) Desire for peace, using alliances in the early years
        • 3) Justified expansionism
      • Expanded by using military strength & alliances with other nations
    • Impact of WW1
      • Before 1933, the ToV began to get overturned when they were secretly rearming
        • USSR allowed this
      • Stab in the back myth
      • 6.4 mil Germans lived outside borders in weak states
      • Allies followed appeasement, as they didn't want another war
      • This influenced Nazi foreign policy by...
        • 1) Opposing ToV led to a rise in Nazi popularity
        • 2) Determined Nazi vision for expansion
        • 3) Gave Hitler confidence to pursue expansion
    • Aryan Racial Theory
      • Nazis believed in the superiority of the Aryan race
      • Pan-Germanist views (unite all German speakers)
      • Conflict with other races to create Lebensraum
      • This influenced Nazi foreign policy by...
        • 1)Encouraged to make alliances with racially 'pure' countries
        • 2)Encouraged G to expand its borders to unite German speakers
        • 3) Promote Eastward expansion (west superior)
        • 4) Determined Germanisation implemented in new territories
    • However, examples show he was acting opportunisti-cally
      • Nazi-Soviet pact Aug 1939
      • Anti-Comintern pact with Japan & Hitler made them 'honorary Aryans', suggesting he made plans that suited him


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