Wartime opposition

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  • Wartime opposition
    • Nationalities
      • Areas eg. the Ukraine - saw invading Nazi's as liberators or allies
      • one million people from various national groups defected
      • Vlasov's Russian Liberation Army - Red army commander, captured by Germans in 1942, then fought along side the Germans, then captured by Americans in 1945
        • hung for treason - August 1st 1946
    • Reaction to opposition groups by the Soviet regieme
      • Nationalities as traitors "guilty by association"
      • Crimean Tartars were deported to Kazakhstan and Central Asia - 1943-1944
      • Volga Germans were deported to Siberia and Central Asia - 1941
      • Soviets were exiled from the Baltic states, Georgia and Ukraine
      • early war years - one million people were deported from western Belorussia and western Ukrains
      • June 1941 - 134000 people were deported from the Baltic States into convict camps
      • 3.3 million Soviet citizens were deported between 1941 and 1948
    • Treatment of Jewish Soviets
      • Lived mainly in Russia, Ukrain and Belorussia
        • occupied by Germans in 1941 - 1942
      • by 1945 about 5 million Jews had disappeared
    • The NKVD
      • Ensured compliance from the population
      • punished people for failure, incompetence
        • arrested those suspected of treason or disloyalty
      • monitored those who lived under German occupation
      • used convict labour


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