Wartime Tensions in the Grand Alliance

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  • Wartime Tensions in the Grand Alliance
    • The Grand Alliance
      • Britain, USA, and Russia
      • Britain had been fighting Germany alone from 1940-41 (with some monetary assistance from USA)
      • USSR switched sides when they were invaded by Germany in June 1941
      • The USA joined the war in December 1941, following the bombing of Pearl Habour
    • The Second Front
      • The USSR suffered losses in the millions when Germany invaded. They were taking heavy hits defending Moscow, Leningrad, and Stalingrad
        • They wanted Britain and the USA to open a second front in Northern France to divide the Germans and relieve some pressure
      • Britain thought this was too risky, especially after the failure of the 1942 raid on Dieppe
        • They concentrated their efforts on North Africa, and Churchill wanted to attack via Italy
      • A second front wasn't opened until 1944 D-day landings. Stalin was suspicious that the West wanted to greatly weaken the USSR so they wouldn't be involved in post-war discussions
    • The Russian Advance, 1943-45
      • The Germans failed at Stalingrad in Feb. 1943
        • Russians went on the offensive and opened up the possibility of expansion into Europe
      • In 1944, the USSR delayed their invasion of Warsaw, allowing the Germans to destroy the resistance
        • It seemed like Stalin wanted the Polish patriots out of the way so Poland would be easier to control
        • This followed the revelation that Soviet troops massacred Polish officers in Katyn Forest in 1940
    • Military Cooperation
      • While supplies were shared with Russia, the USSR was still very separate from the West
      • Relations between all members were strained:
        • USA didn't like supporting the British Empire (they wanted free trade)
        • Churchill feared Russian expansion and felt that the USA wasn't taking it seriously
        • Stalin felt the West did not understand that Russian borne the brunt of the war and lost the most


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