Wartime economy

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  • Armament problems
    • Operation Barbossa:
      • The victory against the Soviet Union resulted in the large loss of ammunution
        • Despite this, it was still a turning point for the economy
    • Poor organisation:
      • Non standardised weapons meant different parts of the armed forces required different supplues
        • Labour was not used effectively, e.g. factories were not run optimally
        • SPEER :rationalised standardisation of ammunition, rationalised transport production and coordinated supplies to needed areas
          • Sent more women to work in war related industries
            • Success: The 'Production miracle': Ammunition output increased by 97%, German aircraft production increase by 200%
              • 1944: Ammunution and tank output were 6 times greater
    • Poltical problems:
      • Goering lacked technical and economic knowledge required for effectve results and the economy needed greater centralised organisation
        • Goreing was replaced by Albert Speer, resulting in dramatic improvements
    • Allied bombing
      • Allies bombed major industrual cities
        • Speer's Response: Set up a task force to repair bombed factories


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