RS: War, Peace and Human Rights

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  • War, Peace and Human Rights
    • The Bible
      • For War/ Violence
        • Jesus showed anger and violence towards dealers in the Temple
      • Against War
        • Prophets Isaiah and Micah look to a future peace
          • Peace is a feature of God's Kingdom
        • N.T. Matthew
          • Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.
          • for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.
          • Turn the other cheek
    • The Just War Theory
      • Derived from teachings of St Augustine in the 1st Century
        • Must be declared by a proper authority
        • Good reason - not just greed
        • Desire to do good
        • Must be a last resort
        • Possible to win
        • Good outcome must be more than bad
        • Proportional to enemy e.g. no Death Stars
    • The Church
      • C.o.E: war = unfortunate necessity
        • Accepts the right for Christians to follow conscience e.g. Rowan Williams refusing to support Iraq War
        • Christians should pray for peace
          • Both churches believe that nuclear weapons should be a deterrent and reduced over time.
      • Both churches believe that nuclear weapons should be a deterrent and reduced over time.
    • Pacifism
      • The belief that violence and war are unjustifiable in any circumstance.
        • E.g. MLK's passive resistance
        • 'conscientious objectors'
      • Quakers believe in using 'weapons of the spirit' to overcome evil
        • 'conscientious objectors'
    • Liberation Theology
      • Christians should unite with the poor and speak out against oppression
      • Helping poor is not enough. The whole system must be changed to eradicate poverty.
      • Some used violence to tackle extreme human rights abuse. E.g. Camilo Tores
      • Some used peaceful methods and publicity to defend the poor. E.g. Oscar Romero
    • Amnesty International
      • Letter writing organisation aiming to enforce the U.D.o.H.R in all countries
        • Aims to:
          • free prisoners of conscience
          • gain fair trial for political prisoners
          • end tortue, political killings and 'disappearances'
          • abolish the death penalty worldwide
      • Set up by a Christian lawyer
        • Example of secularism buying into Christian ideas
        • Joining = good way to show agape and demonstrate equality under Jesus
  • Turn the other cheek


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