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  • Peace
    • Pacifism
      • Absolute: Never right to take part in war, even self-defense, human life is too precious
      • Conditional: Against war, but accepts it in extreme circumstance
      • Selective: Only opposed to certain types of war
      • Conscientious Objectors: People who refuse to fight in war as they believe it is wrong
      • Non-Violence: Peaceful demonstration strikes, road blocks, picketing, hunger strikes
    • "The belief that war and violence is wrong, Conflicts should be settled by peaceful means"
    • Arguments For Pacifism
      • Life is sacred
      • War causes  suffering
      • Jesus taught "Turn the other Cheek"
      • War is a waste of resources
      • Violence doesn't stop Violence
      • War damages the earth
      • "You shall not Kill"
    • Arguments Against Pacifism
      • Only work if everyone is a pacifist
      • Sometimes war is needed
      • Unfair for some to fight and others not to fight
      • Cant be pacifist in the face of extreme evil
      • War has improved technology and science
      • The bible allows War
    • Bible
      • Old T: "Turn away from evil and do good; strive for peace with all your heart"
      • Jesus: "Turn the other cheek"
      • Jesus: "Happy are those who work for peace, God call them his Children"
      • Jesus: "Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you"
      • Jesus: "Live in peace with one another"
      • Jesus: "All who take the sword will die by the sword"
    • Chuches
      • Quakers: Refuse to join army but will be medics and ambulance drivers
      • Methodist: Sometimes force is needed but refuse unnecessary force
      • Catholic: Believes in "JUST WAR", war should be avoided. Civilians
    • Faiths
      • Judasim: strongly oppose violence. Jews have been victims of war more than others. Sometimes violence is the answer. Have moral obligation to protect a person under attack, even killing the attacker
      • Buddhims: often thought as a purely pacifist religion
      • Hinduism: Gandhi was a great example of a Hindu Pacifist
      • Islam: There are pacifist organastions like the Islamic Non-violence Organasation


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