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  • Enviroment
    • Christianity
      • they believe God created the earth
      • God created humans and put them in charge of the Garden of Eden
      • They had responsibility to care for the environment
      • Bible
        • God said: Your descendants will live all over the Earth and bring it under their control, I am putting you in charge.
        • "You appointed them rules over everything you made, you placed them over all creation"
        • "The world and all that is in it belong to the lord, the earth and all who live on it are his"
        • Jesus spoke about the beauty of creation"King Solomon with all his wealth will never have clothes as beautiful as one of Gods flowers"
        • The Earth is "ON LOAN" from God
      • STEWARD-SHIP: the Christian idea of accepting responsibility for the earth and caring for it
      • Thanks Giving / Harvest time: Thanking God for the wonder of his creation
    • Churches
      • Methodist
        • Serious Crisis in the world
        • Loving creation is loving your neighbour
      • Catholic
        • The earth is a gift from God
        • Our actions have Consequence
      • Church of Ireland
        • commit to simpler lifestyle
        • treain the young to help the world
      • Presbyterian
        • Follows the bible and care for the world
      • Baptist
        • We are stewards of the Earth
    • Conservation issues
      • Soil Pollution: Waste left in the ground by factories
      • Air Pollution: Factories release a lot of chemicals into the air
      • E-Waste: Technology dumped in land sites and poisons the land
      • Ozone Layer: CFC gases damaging the ozone layer letting suns rays in
      • Water Pollution: Rubbish buried under ground or thrown in water is  poisoning the water
      • Acid Rain: Sulphur Dioxide released by cars
      • Global Warming: Carbon Dioxide released into the air
    • Key Phrases
      • Reduce: Don't produce waste in the first place
      • Reuse: Don't throw anything away, One mans rubbish is another's treasure
      • Recycle: Collect waste that can be recycled or turned back into raw materials


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