War with Spain

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  • War with Spain (The Netherlands and Cadiz)
    • Treaty of Nonsuch signed with Dutch Protestant rebels
      • England pay for army
    • Elizabeth wanted to negotiate with Phillip
    • some of Dudley's officers joined the Spanish
    • Dudley could only disrupt Spanish forces in Netherlands
    • Dudley & Elizabeth had different aims in Netherlands
      • Dudley wanted to end Spanish rule
      • Elizabeth wanted to return Netherlands to former governing way
    • Dudley managed to stop the Spanish capturing a deep-sea port
    • Singeing of the King of Spain's beard
      • Jan 1586 Spain building up Armada
      • Mar 1587 Drake ordered to attack spaanish navy
        • 30 ships & supplies destroyed
      • importance
        • Spain took break from building Armada (only for a year)
        • allowed England more prep time for Armada


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