War With Spain

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  • War With Spain
    • The Netherlands & Cadiz
      • The Treaty of Nonsuch - 1585
        • Virtually at war (E&S)
        • Finance an army of 7,400 troops led by Robert Dudley EofL
      • The Campaign in The Netherlands - 1585-88
        • E still hoped to negotiate with Spain, RD was not given enough resources to defeat Spain.
        • Some of D's officers defected to the Spanish
        • D & E had different aims in TN (end Spanish rule / back to how it was in 1548)
        • D could only disrupt not defeat.
        • D did prevent Spain from capturing a deep-water port to the English Channel
      • Singeing of the King of Spain's Beard - 1587
        • Drake's attack on Cadiz
        • E ordered FD to attack the Spanish navy, 30 ships & much of the fleets supplies.
        • The Armada was delayed by a year
        • Buying England more time to prepare for the invasion in 1588.


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