War Photographer- Carol Ann Duffy

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  • War Photographer-Carol Ann Duffy
    • techniques
      • Sibilance- harsh sound brings suffering to life.
        • "Spools of suffering"
      • symbolism
        • "light is red"
          • processing photos- red light doesn't expose it but reflects danger.
        • "softy glows as though this were a church"
          • shows religion- room gives time for him to reflect.
        • "All flesh is grass"
          • dead bodies cover the ground in all war zones.
    • Language
      • emotive language is used to make an impact on the reader.
        • "a hundred agonies in black and white"
    • Background
      • poem discusses the hardships that a war photographerfaces.
      • poet was born in 1955, so there is more modern language.
    • Responsibility
      • he should help the victim instead of allowing them to suffer.
        • "he remembers the cries of this man's wife"
          • he feels more connected and therefore guilty.
      • "his hands..did not tremble then but seem to now"
        • now he sees the violence in the photos and feels shook and guilty.
      • "he stare's impassively"
        • he has become numb from reflecting on what he's seen.
      • tries to avoid feeling guilty by treating them as strangers.
        • "A stranger's features"
    • Conflict
      • there's conflict within the photographers head.
        • "he has a job to do"
          • he has to hold back emotion and just carry on with his job.
        • "he sought approval without words"
          • cannot get permission from victims as they don't speak the language.
    • Ignorance
      • the comparison of our lives compared to those living in war zones.
        • "simple weather can dispel"
          • in rural England there is "ordinary pain" focused on the weather.
        • "running children in nightmare heat"
          • children are in dangerous land where their lives are at risk.
          • imagery is used to show how pathetic the comparison is.
      • "his editor will pick out five or six"
        • lack of emotion- only wants to make a profit for the newspaper company.
      • "the reader's eyeballs ***** with tears between the bath and pre-lunch beers"
        • comparison of photos to the luxuries that we live.
      • "they do not care"
    • form and structure
      • the organisation mirrors the photographers as he lays his film out in "ordered rows"
        • he tries to restore order in a chaotic world.
      • 4 6-line stanzas with a rhyming couplet at the end.
        • sharp contrast with war imagery in poem represents how we act as though the conditions in war zones are acceptable.


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