War Photographer

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  • War Photographer
    • Sibilance "Spools of suffering set out in ordered rows"
      • The photographer suffers by taking the photo of the pain and again when developing it
      • Even in pain, the victim are like one, unified body lined up by him
      • They are organised before/ following conflict
      • Now set out as the corpses were
      • He has power over them- playing 'God'- it makes a mockery of their sacrifice
    • Adjective "Blood stained into foreign dust"
      • The blood represents patriotism/ innocence of the soldiers and their sacrifice
      • It's even more precious because of the contrast with 'foreign' or 'alien' land
      • Contrast between the 'royal' blood of the soldiers and the worthless 'dust' of the foreign land
      • The stain is like the war photographer, his memory is tainted by the images
    • Metaphor "All flesh is grass"
      • Grass is common, as are the piles of 'flesh'- demeans their sacrifice
      • The conflict has drained the soldiers of colour and individuality- all flesh
      • Both the grass/ dead flesh are walked over
      • The number of dead is greater than blades of grass
      • The community are affected emotionally/ health
      • Grass grows back, but the bodies remain lifeless- contrast between life/ death- natural/ unnatural
    • Pun "A hundred agonies in black and white"
      • The deaths are horrific, but his view is unemotional- black/ white
      • Black and white could represent racial divisions or good Vs eveil
      • His tone is 'matter of fact'
      • Conflict/ death can't be changed
      • Represents the lifeless nature of his job/ victims
      • Black/ white- newspapers/ discarded, so the lives/ memories are thrown away- unimportant
      • All his photos depict mental/ physical agony of conflict- none are positive
      • Memories, people suffer- the victims/ photographer/ community


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