war photographer

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  • war photographer
    • Carol Ann Duffy
      • first gay / bisexual person to become poet laureate
      • the first female to become poet laureate
      • ground breaking with her achevements
      • the poem has come from her friends who are both war photograpers
      • its more about the background of the person than the picture
      • the poem is over 30 years old
      • it was written in 1985
      • she wrote her first poem at the age of 11
    • background of the poem
      • the person that she is writing about has no name
      • it is mostly based in a photographer photo developing room
      • Beirut is a place in Lebanon
      • Belfast is the capital of northern Island
      • Phnom is a place in Cambodia
    • termonology
      • onomatopoeia - when a word sounds like what is does
      • simile - when something is described using 'like' or 'as'
      • metaphor - when something is described as f it is something else
      • alliteration- when one or more word starts with the same letter or sounds
    • awards
      • 1983: National Poetry Competition 1st prize (for Whoever She Was)
      • 1983 Greenwich Poetry Competition ("for Words of Absolution")
      • 1984: Eric Gregory Award
      • 1986: Scottish Arts Council Book Award (for Standing Female Nude)
      • 1988: Somerset Maugham Award (for Selling Manhattan)
      • 1989: Dylan Thomas Prize


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