War of the worlds characters

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  • War of the worlds characters
    • Curate
      • The curate is presented as extremely cowardly, annoying and easy to dislike. He is looked after rather than a companion of the narrator who eventually ends up killing him in order to preserve himself.
        • "The curate was lethargic, unreasonable"
        • "The curate crouched, weeping silently and refusing to stir again
        • "I heard him presently weeping to himself"
        • "I was growing very weary and irritable with the curates perpetual ejaculations"
        • "I resolved to leave him - would that I had!"
    • Narrator
      • This is the key character in the book, he serves as a tool through which the reader can experience the action. He may be regarded as a narrative device rather than a credible character as we do not even learn of his name throughout the play
      • The narrator is a scientist and has some research in the field of space
      • Sometimes the Narrator appears to act extremely bravely to situations Wells places him in and again this can be linked back to the idea that he is a tool used to convey the story rather than a fully developed character
        • This makes the narrator seem very brave and heroic
        • An example of justification given for not running away from the martians is "I was a battleground of fear and curiosity" which describes his emotions as very solid nouns rather than being abstract
    • Narrators wife
      • The unnamed woman who is married to the narrator
        • she is presented as fragile especially by the necessity for her to be evacuated to her cousins house.
          • "I began to comfort her "
    • artillery man
      • The artillery man first appears in book one, chapter 2.
        • His role in the play is to inform the narrator of the unsuccessful attempt of the army to defeat the Martians initially
          • Later on in the play, the narrator comes across him again and at this point he appears to be mad as he initially has grand plans of living in the sewers but this is then shownb top be a farce as he is lazy and does not have a coherent plan.
    • Ogilvy
      • The purpose of Ogilvy (the first named character in the book) is to effectively be incinerated by the Martians in order to make the Martians appear to be more serious than initially first thought.
      • His part in the play is in order to discover the first Martian cylinder.
      • Even the narrator, who is supposedly friendly with him is not particularly upset by his death which shows that he is a minor character.
    • Narrators brother
      • Again like the narrator, his younger brother is simply used as a tool in order to describe the  martian invasion from another point of view and to describe the "exodus of London" from a first person and thus more accurate point of view.
      • He appears to share similar personality traits to his older brother.
        • He has a  lack of panic at the invasion but rather an attitude of "fascination"
        • He appears to naturally take charge of situations and is a leader. An example of this is the description of his rescue and consequent assuming of control over Miss and Mrs Elphinstone much like the narrators (albeit reluctant) control over the Curate.
        • He also has compassion like bis brother, shown by his helping of the "little girls of eight or nine" which is similar to the narrators sincere regret at not being able to help the shop man who fell into the martian pit.




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In depth response to the characterisation used by H.G. Wells but lacking the quantity the book deserves...

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