Walter Sisulu.

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  • Walter Sisulu.
    • Joined the ANC in 1940.
    • Formed the ANC youth league in 1943.
      • With Oliver Tambo and Mandela.
    • Secretary-general and Deputy president of the ANC.
    • Key figure in the spear of the nation.
    • Key figure in the deface campaign - 1952.
    • Represented the ANC abroad rallying support on an international scale.
    • Was imprisoned at Robben Island for more that 25 years.
    • Networked brilliantly around the world and in South Africa.
    • He was the son of a white man, which caused controversy.
    • He was tried at the Riviona Trial in 1963-64 which accused members of the ANC of sabotage (this caused his imprisonment for life).


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