Wall Street Crash 1929

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  • Wall Street Crash.
    • Effects for Germany
      • Many German businesses were forced to close.
      • German suffered a loss as they relied on America to help them along if they had money worries.
      • The government were forced to increase taxes to help those who were unemployed.
      • Farmers and factory workers lost their jobs and eventually the unemployment benefits were cut at they were also something that was unable to keep going.
      • Many families lived on the breadline and a lot of people blamed the Weimar Republic as it started the loans from the USA and they were the ones making people unemployed.
    • What happened?
      • America's shareholders had a crisis.
      • They suffered a loss as American businesses were forced to close as they became bankrupt.
      • Shares became very expensive for what they were actually worth and America suffered.
      • It was quickly deemed America needed to get all of the money they had loaned to the rest of the world back, in order to keep their own country from the poverty line.


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